Bushido Karate Dojo

Martial Arts for Children, Teens, Women and Men

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We have been offering instruction and training in Karate since 1998

"Experience the difference a traditional martial arts school can make." 


Karate Style: Tai Kempo 
Iaido "Japanese Sword":  Muso Shinden Ryu
We also offer:
Private & Group Lessons 
Women's Self Defense Classes
Fitness Classes: Zumba & Cardio
School Tutoring: all grades
Day Camp 
FREE Birthday Parties
Game Night for children and teens

Why not now?

No matter what the excuse has been in the past,
we can help from the youngest beginner at white belt,
to the most advanced black belt student.

Here at Bushido, we strive to make every class a challenge, and push you to achieve things you never thought possible.

All we ask is that you try and we will do the rest.

Building a better you ..

Through the pratice of martial arts you can build a greater sense of confidnece and focus. For years doctors
and school teacher's have advised parents to place there
children or themselves into a martial arts program.
This is because they are aware of the benefits.

Here at Bushido Karate Dojo, we have the kind of programs and trying techniques designed to bringing out the best in you as an individual. Filled with honestly, discipline, respect, and courtesy.


FREE WEEK of Karate & Fitness

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In Karate, no one ever sits on the bench.