"We wear our belts in our hearts,
not just around our waists"

We teach karate for the purpose of self defense and self confidence. Never for fighting or acts of aggression. We teach with confidence and respect for the instruction of karate. As well as understanding the responsibility of the instruction. We promise that the training offered at Bushido Karate Dojo, will provide you with the most respected and effective traditional martial arts instruction.

We recognize that people of all different abilities and levels come to train with us. Thorugh the use of both group and private lessons, we are proud to say that we can help and and all students reach his/her goals. We have great honor and respect for being able to instruct students in martial arts. Students are our main reason for teaching. We always have the most respect for them. All students, whether beginner or advanced will always receive the same respect.

What is Tai Kempo?

Tai Kempo is a combination of five cultures: Japanese, Okinawa, Chinese, Korean and American.

Through the blending of these cultures, martial art students will develop better stamina, speed, balance and hand to eye coordination.

Students that train at Bushido Karate Dojo will develop muscle tone, quick reflexes, breathing control, and agility skills. A student will learn to have the following: self control, self awareness, and self confidence. All of these components combined will give a student what they need to be a well rounded individual, and be able to protect themselves in today's society.

"Each of us is the author of our own story, and there's a new page to be written every single day."

Whether it's karate or any of our other programs, you have already taken the first big step to become informed. Now all it will take, is deciding on which program you like, then let us evaluate and design a course that will be the most beneficial for you.

What is IAIDO?

IAIDO – The way of the sword.

The term "Iaido" approximately translates into English as "the way of mental presence and immediate reaction." Iaidō, abbreviated iai, is a Japanese Martial Art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the Japanese sword and responding to sudden attacks.

Iaido consists of four main components: the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, shaking blood from the blade, and replacing the sword in the scabbard.

Practitioners of of Iaido (IAIDOKA), will start learning with a wooden sword (bokken), and then advancing to using a blunt-edged sword called an and iaito. Iaido is a reflection of the morals of the classical warrior and to build a spiritually harmonious person possessed of high intellect, sensitivity, and resolute will.

Iaido instruction is under the guidance Sensei Karl Groeger the head instructor of the Kenzenkai Dojo. Available within the Bushido Karate Dojo walls.

Our Instructor's 

Our instructor's pledge to train and teach with pride, respect and honor. As teachers of martial arts they will show respect for all of the students, no matter the rank.

Kyoshi George Santiago

Owner and Head Master 

Kyoshi George Santiago has been training in martial arts since 1982 and instructing students in martial arts since 1998.

Kyoshi is an expert in the martial arts of Tai Kempo as a 7th degree black belt. To this day he continues to train every day and complete both locally and international. He valves that no matter what rank you are there is always more learn.

Kyoshi also has a 4th degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.

In order to learn new skills that Kyoshi prides his school with, he trains with other martial artist from the United States and around the world. By doing so, Kyoshi is able to bring his students the very best training.

"I fell like it's a privilege and an honor to be Kyoshi/Sensei to all of my students both current and past." Kyoshi George Santiago

Sensei Kayla Lebeau

3rd degree blackbelt

"My interest in karate emerged when I was 3 years old. I was one of the youngest students on the floor as well as being the only girl in class. That did not stop me from learning these critical skills. All of the instructors were so excited and passionate to be training the next generation, and it defintely showed and is a fond memory of mine. However it wasn't always easy getting where I am today but it was all defineitley worth it.

Now I have been traing for almost 20 years! I am trained in all aspects of the martial arts. I am also proud to say that I am one of the few in
  our school who is trained in using open weapons.

I have been teaching martial arts for the past 11 years. Being able to train the next generation, like the blackbelts did for me, is the most amazing experience ever."  Sensei Kayla 

Sensei Izeyah Ralph

3rd degree blackbelt

"I started attending Bushido Karate Dojo when I was 7 years old. The minute my feet hit the mats I knew i was where I needed to be. I instantly fell in love with the intensity that was required of us to achieve greatness. I also valued and enjoyed the compassion that the instructors had for the new generation of students. They still keep the tradition strong as the years go on so we stay anchored to the past.

As a teacher, I strive to make sure my students grasp the core value of martial arts. To have the tools to not only protect themselves, but also the ones that are the most precious to them."  Sensei Izeyah

Sensei Ricardo Bermudez

2nd degree blackbelt

"I started training in the Tai Kempo System at the tender age of 7 years old due to the fact that I was diagnosed with borderline ADHD. Ever since I started, I have fallen in love with it. My training at Bushido Karate Dojo has taught me many things, values that I still hold dear to this day. These include honor, discipline, self control, respect, modesty, focus, and self confidence. My training has not only helped me learn how to defend my self and others, it has also helped me in my daily life, such as in school and my performances in classes have improved tremendously.

The one thing I love about this dojo is the family atmosphere. Every student is welcomed with open arms and there is a real sense of camaraderie between everyone there.

As an instructor, my aim is to make sure every student is learning and to teach these values to them as well. I am proud of the belt that I wear and I am proud to be a part of the Bushido family, but most of all I am honored to be teaching the next generation of students the art of Tai Kempo." Sensei Ricardo Bermudez 

Sensei Suzanne Farrell

3rd degree blackbelt and our fitness instructor

"I started training at Bushido Karate Dojo in 2005. Martial Arts has always intrigued me. Beginning my training as an adult has been quite challenging at times, but also very rewarding. I have learned that I can achieve anything that I put my mind and best efforts into.

I love that Bushido Karate Dojo is traditional in the way martial arts are taught. It is more than just a place to learn martial arts, it is a place to learn about yourself and what you can accomplish within your mind as well as physically and so much more.

As an instructor, I love to see the students progress in their skills and watch as they gain self confidence, grow as a person and become great martial artists." Sensei Suzanne Farrel

Sensei Andy Henriksen

5th degree blackbelt

"I started my martial arts training in 1997. Having a science background, I found that the traditional martial arts training complimented both my mind and body. Being pushed to the limit both physically and mentally has awarded me with confidence and skill.

Teaching others at Bushido, I use the traditional style while still treating every student as an individual. Everyone learns differently and at Bushido we welcome that." Sensei Andy Henriksen

Sensei Karl Groeger

Our Iaido instruction is under the guidance Sensei Karl Groeger,
the head instructor of the Kenzenkai Dojo.

 Sensei Karl Groeger has over 30 years of martial arts training. He holds multiple black belts in Karate, Ju Jitsu and Iaido. He currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt. Sensei Karl has received two 5th degree black belt certificates both from Soke Shimojo in Iaido. These certificates were received in Japan.

Soke Shimojo is Sensei Karl’s Iaido instructor in Japan and is the head of the international Dai Nippon Iaido Kyokai organization.

Sensei Karl still competes multiple times a year in Martial Arts competitions. He teaches both private and group lessons. He teaches multiple schools, or ryus, of Iaido but concentrates mostly on Muso Shinden Ryu.